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Vaccinations: Dogs

Whether you have adopted a puppy or an adult, dogs of all ages need vaccines (or regular booster shots) to stay healthy and disease-free. You may be confused about the types and number of vaccinations appropriate for your dog, but the friendly staff at Affordable Animal Hospital Covina can explain each dog vaccine, what they do, and advise you of the appropriate vaccines for your dog that will protect against the risk of contracting a serious disease.

What are vaccines?

Vaccines are injections that help build your pet’s immune system to fight off common diseases that can be harmful or even life-threatening. The organisms in the vaccine resemble those of the disease but are not harmful. Your dog’s immune system will then function to attack these organisms, preparing them for exposure to a range of diseases. If your dog ever comes into contact with the disease, the immune system recognizes the organisms and fights them off.

There are several factors that impact the number of vaccines your dog will need, and most dogs do not need all the vaccinations we offer. Our veterinarian will guide you through available options and recommend specific vaccinations that are appropriate for your dog, based upon breed and lifestyle.

Types of Vaccines for Dogs

All vaccines are separated into categories representing vital vaccinations for every dog and non-vital vaccinations that are administered based on individual need. Those that are recommended for every dog are called “core” vaccines, while added specific vaccines are called “non-core.”

Core Vaccines

Core vaccines are typically used to protect against the most common and contagious canine diseases. Some diseases can be fatal, but the widespread use of vaccines has reduced the number of dogs contracting these diseases. Core vaccinations are usually performed when a dog is six to eight weeks old, after they stop nursing. They can include:

  • anine parvovirus, which is a virus that causes gastrointestinal harm and can be fatal
  • anine hepatitis, also known as CAV-1, can cause organ failure
  • anine distemper, or a systemic disease impacting many of the body’s systems and functions
  • abies, which can be contracted from many different species and is can spread to humans

Once the puppy is old enough to receive its first set of core vaccines, they will need additional injections until reaching sixteen weeks old.

Non-Core Vaccines

While every dog needs core vaccines, non-core vaccines may be optional but can protect your dog against a range of diseases based on lifestyle. Medical history, environment, and age can impact the number of appropriate non-core vaccinations. Non-core vaccines can consist of the following:

  • Canine cough, or upper respiratory infections common in kennels and shelters
  • Leptospirosis, or a bacterial disease transmitted through contact with an infected animal’s urine
  • Canine influenza, which is similar to canine cough
  • Lyme disease, which is a bacterial infection usually caused by ticks

Come to Covina for Your Dog’s Vaccinations

Understanding and adhering to your dog’s vaccination plan can strengthen their immune system and prolong life. Affordable Animal Hospital Covina provides cost-effective vaccinations for your pet in a comforting environment. Our Covina facility is convenient to many surrounding communities, and our experienced veterinarians will make you and your pet feel at home.

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