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Our Services

Affordable Animal Hospital Covina understands the deep bond you share with your pet. We provide a variety of services to help you keep your pet healthy and safe. Our dedicated staff and experienced veterinarians are dedicated to providing the best animal care that Covina has to offer. Our wide range of services and care include the following:


Getting your pet vaccinated will lower their risk of contracting a harmful illness or disease. We provide “core” vaccines that are recommended for all animals and “non-core” vaccines that can be customized to fit your pet’s needs. Outdoor pets more easily encounter other animals and are at higher risk for some illnesses, and these vaccines can keep your pet safe and healthy.

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Spay & Neuter

You can help alleviate the pet overpopulation problem by getting your pet “fixed.” Spaying or neutering your pet eliminates their ability to reproduce, but also regulates their hormones to control their behavior. Spayed and neutered pets typically have less aggressive personalities and reduced risk of certain medical conditions.

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Dental Care

Pets need dental care just like we do. Cavities or other problems can be painful or lead to other medical issues, but dental care from Affordable Animal Hospital Covina can keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. We offer teeth cleaning services to keep your pet’s mouth and teeth clean and reduce the risk of painful dental problems later in life.

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When your pet has a medical problem, X-rays can provide a detailed image of the body to determine the most effective treatment. As your pet cannot verbalize pain or discomfort, it is important to have an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan. Our digital X-ray system is fast, safe and effective, and are a critical point in getting your pet back into a healthy condition as quickly as possible.

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Emergency Services

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We don’t like to think about it, but injuries or other accidents can happen to your pet. We offer emergency medical care for your beloved pet when the unexpected happens. Emergency situations are stressful, and our staff is here to help you restore your pet to a healthy condition as quickly as possible.

Exams and Consultations

Preventative care and early treatment of medical problems is key to keeping your pet healthy for the long term. Regular check-ups can identify health issues by checking each of your pet’s body systems and all vital signs. Routine exams and consultations are an important part of keeping your pet in good health, and further treatment can be scheduled if needed.

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If your pet goes missing, finding them can be a challenge – or impossible. Microchips are tiny devices that can be programmed with your personal information, and are inserted under your pet’s skin. If your pet goes missing, the microchip can be scanned to identify their owner so your pet can be returned to you after scanning at a shelter.

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Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppies and kittens are highly susceptible to health problems early in life, but the proper care and attention from our Covina veterinarian can help you maintain kitten and puppy health from the early days and into adulthood. Affordable Animal Hospital Covina offers vaccinations, screenings, tests, microchipping, and other services in a customized care plan.

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Surgical Care

Some injuries or conditions may require surgery, which can lead to anxiety for you and your pet. Our trained veterinarians can perform a variety of surgical procedures, ranging from the simple to complex. Each animal receives detailed care and attention to make sure they are healthy and happy after surgery. We love the animals we treat, and do everything possible to make the surgical process comfortable for them.

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Orthopedic Surgery

An injury to your loved one's bones can be a source of immense pain and discomfort. As a pet owner, you will inevitably seek out the best care to alleviate the pain your pet is experiencing. At our Covina Animal Hospital, our mission is providing the best orthopedic treatments possible so your pet will be healthy and happy. Learn more about our orthopedic surgeries.

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We invite you to bring your pet to Affordable Animal Hospital Covina for veterinary services. We are here and happy to assist you with all your pet’s healthcare needs.

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