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At Affordable Animal Hospital Covina, we care about our animal patients and want to help them live long, healthy, happy lives. We offer a wide range of veterinary services at affordable prices to help you provide the quality healthcare your pet needs. Below are current prices for many of our services. (Note that most vaccinations are discounted before 5 p.m.)

Canine Vaccinations Vaccinations

DHPP $18.50
Bordetella $21.50
Rabies $11
CIV We do CIV, but also very rare $43

Feline Vaccinations Vaccinations

FVRCP/ FELV Combo $37 ( Felines coming for yearly boosters)
Rabies $10
Individual FVRCP $18.50
Individual FELV $18.50

Medications Medications

Comfortis single tablet $20 (box of six tablets $88-$99)
Revolution for Puppies/Kittens and Adult Cats $20 (three dose box: $44-$67 | six dose box: $92-$119)

Other Common Treatments Other Common Treatments

Anal Gland Expression: $30
Home Again Microchip: $50
Nail Trim: $15-$25

Injections Injections

Standard injections $40-$60
Deep Otic Lavage (such as anesthesia, deep ear flush, culture/sensitivity to lab, antibiotic injection, e-collar, and medication to go home) $275

Dental Dental

Dental Cleaning (which includes anesthesia and tooth polishing) $350 and up

Surgery Related Treatment Surgery Related Treatment

Abscess repair: $300 and up
C-section: $900 and up
Cherry eye surgery: $300 and up
Cystotomy: $1200 and up
Exploratory: $900 and up
Mass removals: $150 and up
Pyometra surgery: $1000 and up
Radiographs (2 views): $135-$150 (additional views: $35 each)
Sedation/Anesthesia: $45-$85
Tail docking/Dewclaw removals: $40-$50 (must be under 1 week old)

Health Testing Health Testing

Pre-op Blood Test $80
CBC/Chemistry Panel $130
Heartworm test $40
Basic Thyroid Panel $162.50
Phenobarb Level $148.50
Biopsy to lab $172.20
Urinalysis $35 in house/
$54.15 to lab
Feline Felv/Fiv test $50
Canine Parvo test $40
Fecal exam $49.60

Parvo Treatment Parvo Treatment

Parvo Hospitalization $200 (per 24 hour treatment)
Out-Patient Parvo treatment $125-$175 per day

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